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Businesses in crisis

Aziende in crisi

Studio Ubertazzi has significant experience in the field of bankruptcy law and corporate restructuring.

In these sectors, we are considered among the best Italian law firms, especially with regard to the preparation of recovery plans, debt restructuring activities, and agreements. We have worked on over 150 business restructuring operations.

How we operate

We provide all the necessary tools, provided by the law, to successfully deal with business crises, both out of court in the various agreements with creditors and in court for the approval of agreements and restructuring agreements. We have gained significant experience in extraordinary administration procedures having followed some of the most important procedures in Italy.

Starting from an objective assessment of the economic-financial situation, we constantly support companies in a process aimed at drawing up a tailor-made strategic plan to manage the situation in the most effective way, thus enabling them to overcome the crisis. If an out-of-court recovery strategy is not feasible, we also provide assistance in judicial and bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Recovery of business competitiveness.
  • Restructuring operations (reorganization plans, debt restructuring, agreements).
  • Consultancy (also day-to-day) to companies in extraordinary administration.
  • Bankruptcy procedures and bankruptcy agreements.
  • Assistance in litigation concerning the liability of directors and auditors of companies in crisis.

Cyber Protection and Privacy


Studio Ubertazzi has operated for a long time as a legal advisor in the securing of a company subject to a cyber attack. Moreover, it carries out consultancy and assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, in matters of data protection, information security and declarations of conformity.

We take care of all the necessary steps to be in compliance with the law minimizing the risk of incurring penalties.

  • Privacy, cookie policy and GDPR;
  • 231 Model;
  • Personal data collection for various purposes;
  • National, EU and international data processing;
  • Data protection;
  • Relations and litigation with supervisory and control authorities;
  • Corporate Compliance (LGRC);
  • Green Pass;
  • Covid-19.

Unfair Competition

Concorrenza Sleale

Studio Ubertazzi has specific expertise in all aspects of industrial law and the protection of intellectual property, both in and out of court, assisting clients in national and international arbitration proceedings.

 We offer advice and assistance in disputes relating to all aspects connected with acts of unfair competition.

We protect the company against forms of:

  • usurpation, confusion, counterfeiting or alteration of names, distinctive signs, products or patents; imitation of products;
  • Misappropriation of customers, diversion of employees, disparagement and other unfair business practices;
  • protection of know-how;
  • monitoring and reporting on e-commerce sites and global marketplaces aimed at interrupting unlawful competition;
  • registration and filing of intellectual property rights; licensing and technology transfer contracts

Litigation and Arbitration

Diritto contrattuale e commerciale

Studio Ubertazzi assists companies with food law matters.

In this field we help:

  • companies manage all the legal aspects of compliance with national and European Union regulations on production, distribution, advertising and administration of food and beverages;
  • companies to comply with regulations on labelling, traceability and compliance with food safety and hygiene standards;
  • assist companies in obtaining certification of food quality standards and registration of intellectual property rights such as DOP, IGP and trademarks;
  • Protect traditional recipes and know-how of producers;
  • help companies in the commercial communication of their values of compliance with green economy and environmental sustainability;
  • help companies to trace their supply chains through blockchain tools.

Food Law


Studio Ubertazzi assists companies in food law.

In this area we deal with:

  • Help companies manage all legal aspects related to the compliance with national and European Union regulations on production, distribution,advertising and administration of food and beverages;
  • Help businesses comply with regulations on food safety and hygiene;
    assist businesses in obtaining certification of food quality standards and registration of intellectual property rights such as DOP, IGP and trademarks;
  • Protect traditional recipes and know-how of producers;
  • Helps companies in the commercial communication of their values of compliance with green economy and environmental sustainability;
  • Help companies to trace their supply chains through blockchain tools

Banking and financial law

Diritto bancario e finanziario

Studio Ubertazzi provides consultancy and assistance mainly in the field of applicable regulations and the management of relations with the banking, credit and financial system. (out-of-court, litigation, arbitration proceedings).

In this field we deal with:

  • banking and financial contracts
  • management of company assets;
  • banking liability towards the company and third parties;
  • banking credit and related operations of investment services and accessories;
  • regulation of banking and financial activities;
  • management of relations with the supervisory authorities;
  • assistance in proceedings instituted before the Supervisory Authorities;
  • assistance in arbitration proceedings in banking and financial matters.

Contractual and commercial law

Diritto contrattuale e commerciale

Studio Ubertazzi provides assistance in the drafting and preparation of national and international contracts.

In this field we deal with:

  • providing assistance in the various B2B and B2C contracts;
  • preparing integrated distribution contracts (agency contracts; distribution contracts; franchising contracts);
  • providing consultancy in the various contracts aimed at licensing and technology transfer;
  • managing day to day consultancy of the enterprise for the different contracts necessary to implement its core business;
  • assisting companies in the various contracts aimed at the acquisition and transfer of wealth;
  • Proposing solutions to manage generational transitions with the different intergenerational agreements;
  • Helping companies to operate with e-commerce and contractual models for online sales of products and services;
  • helping businesses to implement internal procedures relating to complaints in the event of national and international purchases or sales;
  • Preparing general terms and conditions and model agreements to reduce risk for the firm.

International Law and European Union Law

Studio Ubertazzi boasts significant experience in business matters governed by international law and European law.

In this area we aid with:

  • helping businesses comply with national and European legislation on consumer protection;
  • supporting companies in the preparation of strategic, sustainable development and internationalization plans;
  • supporting human resources in the procedures for the recognition of professional qualifications at European and international level;
  • working with consular and diplomatic authorities to facilitate the procedures for recognizing the Italian citizenship of Italians abroad, as well as in the field of protection of foreign corporate employees in Italy;

helping companies with regard to procedures for the posting of workers, the compliant management of aspects related to the contribution coverage and the minimization of the risk of incurring sanctions by the competent foreign authorities.

Corporate Law and extraordinary transaction

Diritto societario ed operazioni straordinarie

Studio Ubertazzi has significant experience in the field of corporate management and extraordinary transactions, which represent the firm’s core business.

We provide consultancy and legal assistance (including day to day), in and out of court, in the various areas of corporate law (corporate and M&A), both in relation to ordinary business management activities and extraordinary transactions.

 In this field we deal with:

  • The constitution of companies
  • transformations, mergers, demergers, acquisitions;
  • reorganization and development plans;
  • purchase and sale of company shares or quotas;
  • generational transitions;
  • internationalization of companies: strategic plans and evaluation of development opportunities and expansion abroad;
  • corporate groups and intercompany contracts;
  • shareholders’ agreements and investment contracts.

Tax Law

Diritto tributario

Studio Ubertazzi has significant experience in tax law. We assist companies and individuals both out of court and in litigation in tax and fiscal matters.

In this field we deal with:

  •  Preventing companies from finding themselves in situations of tax aversion;
  • providing advice to companies in order to avoid transfer pricing;
  • providing tax advice on extraordinary transactions;
  • offering assistance in the pre-litigation and contradictory phases with the Revenue and Customs Authorities;
  • assisting companies in tax disputes.

Cultural Heritage and Art

Arte e Patrimonio .jpg

Studio Ubertazzi has experience in the field of art law and protection of cultural assets and companies.

In this field we help with:

  •  providing cultural enterprises, public bodies and communities with legal assistance for the protection, conservation, and sustainable preservation of cultural and artistic heritage at every level (local, national, European and international);
  • preparing contracts for exhibitions, export, and temporary import and sale of works of art;
  • Providing assistance in application procedures for UNESCO conventions or programs;
  • Offering legal assistance to companies, public bodies and communities in the field of digitization of archives and cultural heritage;
  • Drafting contracts and acts of sponsorship and access to public and private funding to protect businesses and cultural heritage.

Intellectual Property

Studio Ubertazzi has a consolidated and established experience in the field of Industrial Law and Intellectual Property protection, both in litigation and at the level of registration and extrajudicial legal activity, including arbitration, mediation, monitoring and reporting.

We offer qualified legal advice and assistance in matters of:

  • distinctive signs, patents and trademarks
  • protection of copyright and authors’ rights for intellectual works of any kind;
  • protection of inventors’ rights for inventions, models and industrial designs;
  • protection of the design and layout of products and commercial activities;
  • technology transfer and exploitation of the results of scientific research (patents, spin-offs);
  • designations of origin (DOP, IGT, GSP) and protection of cultural traditions (TCE);
  • private labeling and product labeling: contracts, liability and legal issues;
  • know-how and technology transfer;
  • databases and digital archives;
  • personality and image rights.



Studio Ubertazzi has recognized experience in advertising law.

We offer consultancy and assistance both in and out of court on all aspects of commercial communication and advertising, both in traditional media and in the IT sector (information technology, web and digital services).

In this field we deal with:

  • drafting every possible contractual model in use in the advertising sector;
  • helping companies to avoid unfair advertising practices;
  • working alongside companies to prevent them from adopting commercial communications that conflict with current legislation, including consumer protection and the provisions of the Code of Advertising Self-Discipline;
  • assisting in the evaluation of the legality of advertising campaigns;
  • supporting companies in proceedings before the Advertising Jury, independent authorities (AGCM, AGCOM) and ordinary judicial authorities.